YP Letters: Not the time for electoral reform

Should Britain's electoral system change?
Should Britain's electoral system change?
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From: Thomas W. Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

IT is rather surprising that Don Burslam (The Yorkshire Post, December 28) should choose this moment to press the cause of proportional representation.

The Lib Dems obliged us to vote in a referendum on the Alternative Vote system (PR, AV call it what you will) in 2011. They were delivered the boxing equivalent of a right-cross to the chin for their trouble when they were rejected by a two to one majority. For the avoidance of doubt, the electorate then delivered a left-hook at the 2015 general election which sent the Lib-Dems sprawling to the political canvas, but doesn’t yet appear to have knocked much sense into them.

In the eyes of the British electorate, PR equals coalition equals smoke-filled rooms equals broken promises equals lack of accountability equals disaffection with politics.

Isn’t that the message we should have taken from the Lib-Dems volte-face on tuition fees, which will not be forgotten for a generation? In their own pragmatic way, the electorate have got themselves a restraining coalition.

They have set a guard dog in the form of Ukip’s 4.8m voters to watch over and influence the parties whose policies and actions must now be geared towards recovering those votes.