YP Letters: Offences show our speed limits are out of date

Should speed limits be revised?
Should speed limits be revised?
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From: Peter Horton, Sandy Lane, Ripon.

YOUR report on speeding offences (The Yorkshire Post, January 1) highlights a number of extreme cases of speeds in excess of 100 mph.

But it does not identify the type of road or the type of 
driver where these cases occurred.

I suspect that they may perhaps involve stolen vehicles and uninsured drivers, because any responsible driver would not put him or herself, and his/her vehicle and passengers, in such danger.

However, the fact that 120,000 drivers were caught exceeding speed limits in West Yorkshire in 2016 does indicate that the current limits are out of date and incompatible with the capabilities of modern 

This is particularly the case in respect of rural dual carriageways and motorways where the 50-year-old 70mph limit is widely ignored by many drivers.

It is high time that all speed limits in this country were reviewed with a view to making them more realistic for 21st century traffic.

Laws that are poorly observed are clearly bad laws.