YP Letters: On an unhealthy diet of consumer culture

From: Nigel Bywater, Oak Grove, Morley.

SMOKERS and obese people 
in Yorkshire could soon be refused routine surgery 
in a bid to save the NHS cash. A similar policy has also been 
proposed in London hospitals and it could become a NHS-wide policy.

The decision by Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group means that patients in the catchment area who have a BMI of 30 or more will be barred from routine surgery for non-life-threatening conditions for a year.

Our present and previous governments have done very little to encourage a happier and healthier nation. You can go into most hospitals and find vending machines that give out unhealthy chocolate snacks and beverages.

It may well be healthier for people to eat nothing. But we are all just consumers, all they want to do is make more profit.

Our governments have 
made most people richer, but because we are all seen as individuals and as consumers on the assumption that our unhealthy bodies will just be fixed by the NHS.

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