YP Letters: One-way system brings Leeds to a standstill

What should be done to improve transport in Leeds?
What should be done to improve transport in Leeds?
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From: Stephen Brook, Leeds.

IMPROVEroad links? Excuse me while I try to stop falling off my chair laughing.

All Leeds City Council has done is shrink roads or narrow them in places, just like outside the The Yorkshire Post’s former building on Wellington Street, where for 100 yards the road is reduced to two lanes then goes back to three.

Wake up councillors, it is a waste of a pavement (because the pavement shrinks back as well), and guess what? That 100 yards of reduced width of road simply causes longer traffic jams.

Leeds City Council has been doing daft stuff like this for decades.

Are they finally going to give up this stupid one-way system they have wrapped around Leeds, so it’s all one way in and one way out?

All that happens is, if there is one accident or one set of road works, then Leeds does not move. Build roads off of the M62/M621 – that will divert some traffic that would not need to go through the centre of Leeds (yes, new roads, there is a idea), while scrapping the stupid one-way system.

From: Scott Howieson, Leeds.

PLEASE don’t let Labour Leeds Council have anything to do 
with this project. They will blow £30m on absolutely nothing.