YP Letters: Out of touch over transport – Leeds Council taken to task

Gridlock in Leeds.
Gridlock in Leeds.
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From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

THE excellent letter from Thomas Harvey (The Yorkshire Post, November 1) should be required reading for all the councillors at Leeds City Council.

It is surely blindingly obvious to most people that the only way forward for a city the size of Leeds is to have a metro tram system, something that even many smaller cities enjoy.

The lack of leadership over many years, and the way in which monies have been squandered, has been an utter disgrace.

Sadly, the recent comments from Councillor Richard Lewis seem to confirm that the current council regime is just as out of touch with what is needed, as has been the case in times past.

How very poorly the city is being served. It surely deserves much better?

From: Ian R Bloomer, Darrington Road, East Hardwick, Pontefract.

I REFER to the benefits that the region’s business leaders expect from a third runway at Heathrow – this, I believe, is for passengers to use as a hub to worldwide destinations.

Fine, leaving aside that fact that the three times I have used the airport, I have felt about as near to hell on Earth I wish to be. Thank God I am 78 years old and have made a choice not to fly again.

I would like to ask a question – is it necessary for so much freight to be channelled through Heathrow?

Could it perhaps be systematically diverted to a freight hub at Doncaster Robin Hood?

If so, would it even be needed to build a third runway at Heathrow?

This really would benefit our region.

This would free the freight terminal area at Heathrow to build a new passenger terminal and car park.

Brexit woes still brewing

From: John Sutcliffe, Leeds.

MUCH has been written in the Press recently about the fact that the wholesale cost of tea has risen due, in part, to the weakened value of the pound sterling, although I am quite sure that some suppliers are not averse to adding a few pence here and there to bolster their profits.

However I cannot be but amazed at the wastefulness of many of our domestic tea makers in this day and age. It seems to be the norm to brew tea in individual cups using a tea bag in each; these are then thrown away before the full flavour is realised.

Surely it is much more economical to use a tea-pot. One tea bag in the “pot”, allowed to brew for a good five minutes and then given a quick stir will serve two, three or more people without there being a deterioration in flavour.

Making it in this way should offset any price rise.

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

I AM frequently told by Brexiteers that “the people have spoken” on June 23 and that I should accept the fact and “move on”.

I am totally disinclined to follow that advice because I know that any decision to exit the EU is seriously damaging and is not in the best interests of our country. I, and others, are fighting tooth and nail to the last ditch the move to trigger Article 50.

William Keegan, the respected economics correspondent, has reported that a recent British Election Study panel had found that “six per cent of those of who voted Leave now regret their decision, compared with only one per cent of regrets among those who voted Remain”.

Clearly we have here evidence of “buyers’ remorse”.

The shift in opinion is 
enough to wipe out the narrow lead that Brexit had on June 23 and now give a majority for “Remain”.

The people have spoken – again – and they have changed their tune.

Enhancing our sea view

From: Paul Andrews, The Beeches, Great Habton.

I LOVED Andrew Vine’s article on our Yorkshire seaside. We have some excellent resorts (The Yorkshire Post, November 1).

But why is it that your writers never mention the way rowing boats, yachts and fishing boats enhance the seaside setting.

Scarborough and Whitby have interesting harbours and active yacht clubs, which race through the summer, and at Scarborough, through Autumn and Winter as well. The colourful sails of the yachts provides part of the attraction, brightens visitors’ stay and adds to the atmosphere.

It’s driving me to despair...

From: Mr Brooks, Farsley, Leeds.

Every time I drive these days, I am looking at an increasing number of cars that don’t appear to have indicators.

This is on top of car drivers who haven’t had the operation to surgically remove their mobile phone from their ear hole. After more than 40 years of driving, I have never known it as bad.

Yvette’s smile strictly forced

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton, Selby.

Why do we always go for the underdog? How Yvette Cooper can sit with a fixed smile on her face whilst her husband, Ed Balls, tries to fling his overweight graceless body about is beyond me. He should retire gracefully as soon as possible from Strictly!