YP Letters: Pay England football managers fat cat salaries and you still get monkeys

Former England manager Sam Allardyce after his resignaition.
Former England manager Sam Allardyce after his resignaition.
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From: George Marsden, Colton.

THE saying ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’ must rank as one of the silliest ever made.

It’s invariably used by those on obscenely high salaries to justify their own pay.

If such huge salaries really are required to obtain the right people, there should be no need for huge ‘golden handshakes’.

The appointment of England’s most recent football manager highlights the absurdity of this practice.

Roy Hodgson, England’s football manager before Sam Allardyce, was on £3.5m a year and the highest-paid football manager in Europe. Paying millions didn’t make the slightest difference.

The FA then rushed headlong into another disaster and 
Sam Allardyce was appointed England coach with a similar obscene salary, but he’s now gone, too.

Why do we always assume obscene sums of money guarantees that people of 
ability and talent will be 
attracted to the job, when 
exactly the opposite seems more likely to occur?

‘Pay obscene salaries, get monkeys’ seems to be more accurate.