YP Letters: Paying the price for violence as entertainment

Should police make greater use of stop and search of powers?
Should police make greater use of stop and search of powers?
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From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

SPENDING more on policing might help to track and punish offenders, but it’s unlikely to stop most of the rot (The Yorkshire Post, April 9).

The causes of violence are not only due to 24 hour news or social media, but to decades of nefarious TV programmes, the film and games industries, and other video platforms.

The promoters of such material claim that they reflect the world and society, when they’re actually reflecting their own contribution towards creating, and then promoting, that environment. They’ve always known how to achieve high profiles and ratings. We’ve relished it and sucked it in, but there are those who will copy and savour some perceived glamour from what they see.

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

SURELY one way to reduce the number of knife attacks is to look at the demographic of those committing the crimes and for stop and search tactics be employed with that group? Obviously some innocents will be affected but, surely, they will agree that this is the only way to go?

The “bleeding hearts” would no doubt object to such a method so it will never happen, and many more young lives will be lost.