YP Letters: Pensions expert hits mark on Tory care fiasco

Social care remains a key political issue.
Social care remains a key political issue.
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From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

TORY peer and former pensions minister Ros Altmann will probably win few friends within the upper echelons of the Tory Party for her forthright views on just how the Conservative Party shot itself in the foot over the policy announcements during the General Election campaign on pensions and social care (The Yorkshire Post, June 19).

Announcements that contained means-testing winter fuel payments for pensioners and draconian social care changes could be to blame for Theresa May losing her majority.

Baroness Altmann has been a frequent financial adviser in regard to the Local Government Pensions Scheme that, as a retired LE employee, I belong to, and her advice has always been particularly sound. It is therefore no surprise that she has identified just where the May government failed to acknowledge the mood of the older voter in the election.

From: Hazel Woolrich, Ilkley.

THE Tory party’s diagnosis was correct when it highlighted the need for a new approach to social care. The problem was the remedy.

Yet this is an issue which won’t be going away, and can’t be put on hold, while politicians play games at Parliament.