YP Letters: Pensions will take a hit if Brexit sets markets in turmoil

There are fears that a Brexit vote could hit pensions.
There are fears that a Brexit vote could hit pensions.
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From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

MY final pension, like those of many others, will be affected by how the Stock Market performs. Last week both the Stock Market and the pound fell following the news that Brexit was ahead in an opinion poll. I, for one, will not be taken in by their false promises.

From: Ian Carstairs, President North Yorkshire Moors Association.

LAST week, the Farming Minister was reported as stating that green directives are “spirit-crushing”; the EU Birds and Habitats Directive would go and a more flexible approach would follow.

This offers a clear indication of what we can expect for the environment if the UK left the EU.

We don’t need a more “flexible” approach to environmental protection.

We need a strong and wise will to hold the line for the standards which underpin our quality of life.

From: Terry Morrell, Prunus Avenue, Willerby, East Yorkshire.

FARMING will not lose money because of EU funding being cut.

The UK negotiated a rebate of some monies that the UK pays to the EU, in order to subsidise UK farmers. Instead of asking for our money back, we can give it straight to farmers. No change there.

From: John Eoin Douglas, Spey Terrace, Edinburgh.

I CAN garner little enthusiasm to vote either way. The In campaign offers little more than patronising scare tactics while the Out campaign disappointingly fails to promise a return to Imperial measures.

From: Linda Sheridan, Stockton Lane, York.

COMMMON sense says we must leave the EU and regain our independence. Politicians like John Major, Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke are yesterday’s men clutching at straws. Don’t listen to them.

From: David Horsley, Church Lane, Moldgreen.

JOHN Prescott is fooling himself if he believes Labour supporters are confused about the EU referendum. A significant number may be tempted to vote to leave. They know David Cameron and George Osborne would be forced to resign.

From: Mike Bytheway, Leeds.

AFTER all his scaremongering, David Cameron now poses as Arthur Daley, selling cars.