YP Letters: People’s vote on Brexit? We’ve already had one.

What do you think about the EU?
What do you think about the EU?
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From: Richard Hopwood, Brighouse.

WITHIN the first few sentences of his op-ed article (The Yorkshire Post, September 3), Richard Wilson reveals the patronising paternalism typical of those campaigning for a second referendum on membership of the European Union.

Many of those who voted to leave, he suggests, would have expected the UK to have left the EU by now and are wondering why this has not happened. Well yes, this might be the case if all Brexiteers were gormless oafs who had no idea what they were voting for, in the way that they are caricatured ad nauseam by Remainers.

In actuality, of course, most of those who voted Leave will have done at least a little bit of research and realised that it would take two years of tortuous negotiations, once Article 50 had been invoked, before Brexit became a reality. True, they might not have expected the Government to make quite such an appalling job of those negotiations. But, unlike Mr Wilson, I’m willing to bet that most of us Brexiteers are intelligent enough to recognise that this has been caused not by Brexit itself but by a hopelessly incompetent Government.

As for the so-called People’s Vote that Mr Wilson wants so much, may I gently remind him that it has already happened and that more than 17 million people voted to leave the EU in the biggest democratic demonstration in British history.

Of course, I would love to join Mr Wilson and his powerful intellectual friends at the Great Northern Stop Brexit Conference this weekend.

With guests including MEPs striving desperately to save their taxpayer-funded jobs, Tony Blair’s failed political guru Will Hutton, the great unelected Lord Adonis and even a former Green Party leader, it promises to be a thrilling and inspiring occasion. Unfortunately, however, I’ll be washing my hair.

From: Ian Smith, Bradford.

The opinion piece from Richard Wilson calling for Brexit to be cancelled is representative of a disgraceful, opportunistic and foolishly irresponsible group of Remainers, who are destroying what they purport to stand for – democracy.

From: Darren Joseph, Rotherham.

I WONDER how Richard Wilson would feel if Remain had won the referendum by 52 per cent to 48 per cent but then there were calls two years later to ignore the result and go ahead with Brexit anyway?