YP Letters: Personal attacks feed apathy to local politics

How can there be greater civic engagement in Sheffield?
How can there be greater civic engagement in Sheffield?
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From: Matthew Smith, Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield.

THE low turnout in the recent local elections (under 35 per cent) shows how apathetic people have become to local politics in Sheffield and elsewhere in Yorkshire. I don’t blame them.

Action needs to be taken by all parties to better represent and listen to ordinary local people who otherwise are not engaging or voting.

The first thing we need from all parties is to refrain from the pathetic attacks on individuals and other parties which put people off voting.These seem nothing more than an attempt to avoid having to take responsibility and actually discuss track records and policy.

Despite the election being a local one, important local issues like the worrying decline of the city’s library service, the seeming failure of the council’s attempts at city centre regeneration and cutting back on excessive corporate pay have seemingly been ignored by all parties. These are top priorities and need addressing.

Ordinary people should be able to suggest items for debate and council meetings moved to evenings or even weekends to allow people who work in the week to attend. To expect people to attend a meeting midday in the middle of the week if they wish to submit a question is unfair.