YP Letters: ‘Plague on all your houses’ vote shows need for fresh start

The State Opening of Parliament took place on Wednesday.
The State Opening of Parliament took place on Wednesday.
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From: David Blackburn, Dronfield, Derbyshire.

I FOUND Tom Richmond’s column (The Yorkshire Post, June 17) quite thought provoking and have re-read it a couple of times. I doubt though whether the conclusion that voters were calling for cross-party consensus is the correct interpretation the election result.

All the UK parties received something of a hiding from voters – the Tories obviously, but despite the gloss put on the result, Labour fell far short of reaching a Parliamentary majority.

The Lib Dems gained a couple of seats, but are clearly still seen as an irrelevance. Ukip was thankfully wiped out and battered Scots Nats suffered both a bloody nose and a black eye. The only winners were the resurgent Scottish Tories.

I venture to suggest that this ‘plague on all your houses’ is less as a call for a consensus, but rather a clear demonstration of the fact that voters are dissatisfied with all the present parties, large and small.

In effect, they want a fresh start with fresh thinking and importantly fresh faces. Perhaps a call to get en Marche and the sort of political revolution we are seeing in France? That it is not (yet) being articulated in that way may be because there is no obvious person to take on the challenge. But what about Ruth Davidson as leader and Brendan Cox as deputy though?

From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

HAVING watched Question Time the other night, I was utterly disappointed with the views of all the MPs over their differences on Brexit.

Why can’t the MP’s bury their differences, put their political views aside and just get on with the job of getting the best possible deal that everybody would be happy with?

It is our future at stake, 
with all this dithering we’ll 
not be getting anywhere and they will have to pull together to get this right for everybody, whatever their political views might be.

From: S Vaughan, Sheffield.

WITH the European situation being of such magnitude, we need another referendum. The choices should be: ‘To stay in Europe’, ‘To stay in Europe with reforms’ or ‘To leave Europe as soon as possible’.

From: Wiliam Doyle, Harrogate.

UNLESS there’s more compromise, notably over Brexit, Britain is doomed. When will MPs of all parties realise this?