YP Letters: Police tsar must do duty over PGL adventure centre

Newby Wiske Hall is at the centre of a planning wrangle.
Newby Wiske Hall is at the centre of a planning wrangle.
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From: Sally Jenkins, Newby Wiske, Northallerton.

A NUMBER of points strike me regarding the article concerning the “outlandish” plans for a PGL children’s adventure centre at Newby Wiske Hall, the former North Yorkshire Police HQ (The Yorkshire Post, August 2).

The area’s crime commissioner, Julia Mulligan, says she has a duty to every resident in North Yorkshire.

She clearly has no sense of duty to the 200 (approx) residents of Newby Wiske who she acknowledges have legitimate concerns.

She is happy to leave them with her legacy of noise, disruption, vandalism of a conservation area, possible anti-social behaviour, an increase in traffic and a drop in price of the homes they have worked hard to buy.

She has indeed apparently offered to speak to the residents of Newby Wiske – but only a small number of them. If her actions affect each and every one of them, she surely has a duty to be prepared to meet each and every one of them to explain her reasoning and face their questions.

My message to Ms Mulligan – have the honesty and integrity to face us all please.