YP Letters: Political parties should have joined forces to negotiate Brexit

Rachel Reeves MP.
Rachel Reeves MP.
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From: Mervyn Jackson, Windmill Rise, Belper.

AS a self-confessed Remainer, Rachel Reeves used her column (The Yorkshire Post, August 4) to highlight the negatives of Brexit. What a surprise!

Instead of scoring points and criticising the Government she, along with the rest of the Labour Party, should consider their pre-election promise to honour the vote of the majority and they should have gone into coalition with the Conservatives to hammer out a Brexit policy.

Rachel Reeves: No one voted for Brexit to be poorer

If they had got their heads together, Michel Barnier and the rest of the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels would know that Britain means business in achieving Brexit. Instead the EU is calling the shots. The whole operation is a shambles thanks to the fact that most MPs are Remainers.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

YOUR view that the lack of a “deal” with the EU will risk security co-operation coming to an end next year (The Yorkshire Post, August 8) is ill-founded. Are you suggesting that without a “deal” both the EU and UK will actively refuse to hand on intelligence? Our security depends on a range of techniques, including border controls, which will be enhanced by our leaving the EU.