YP Letters: Punishments must be tough enough to deter criminals

Has Britain gone soft on crime?
Has Britain gone soft on crime?
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From: Geoff Thorpe, Lister Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford.

THE public seems to getting different opinions from different people regarding the rise in serious crimes, especially in the capital. The one thing that is never mentioned is the punishment. Criminals are released from jail early and then reoffend.

Murderers don’t seem to do the time that they deserve.

If someone has taken a life, then they should serve a life sentence.

When courts hand out a sentence, that punishment should be served in full and the offender only released if they show remorse.

Anybody going armed with an offensive weapon to commit a crime should automatically receive a prison term.

Articles in the Press say that criminals get better treatment than people in old people’s homes, why?

People who are sent 
to prison are sent for punishment, not for a 
holiday, and they should be 
made to earn their keep.

The time has come now 
to get tough on serious crime, and I think that a large proportion of the public would agree.