YP Letters: Questions for firm at heart of police cell closures

State-of-the-art police cells have been closed for urgent repairs just four years after opening in Leeds.

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

The report (The Yorkshire Post, September 3) regarding the current demise of police custody suites at the Elland Road, Leeds, and Normanton Divisional HQs is nothing short of scandalous.

The 40-cell suite at Elland Road has had to be closed, and so has part of the similar area at Normanton.

It appears the common denominator for failure is construction firm Interserve Facilities Management, which chose not to respond when invited to comments on the inexcusable situation. Many will wonder why.

The controversial 25-year multi-million pound “buy now pay later” financial deal (costing circa £338m over that period) has been questioned but never more so considering the two projects are already suffering in relation to major maintenance issues.

Many will see the amount of £338m as a colossal amount when the two Divisional Police HQs mentioned cost circa £113m.

Serious questions must be asked of all involved, and especially of Interserve FM.

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