YP Letters: Quiz Juncker over Amazon’s tax arrangments

Amazon's tax affairs are in the spotlight.
Amazon's tax affairs are in the spotlight.
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From: Mike Dennis, Ripon.

INSTEAD of being fixated with Theresa May’s cold, should someone in the BBC not be asking Jean-Claude Juncker to explain his own position regarding the tax arrangements that the Government of Luxembourg struck with Amazon in 2003, and which has resulted in the EU Commission now asking Amazon to pay 
250 million euros in unpaid taxes?

After all,Mr Juncker was the Prime Minister of Luxembourg between 1995 and 2013, so he should be able to remember the precise details of any such ‘sweetheart deal’, shouldn’t he?

Mr Juncker could explain the quid pro quo for all involved in this arrangement (The Yorkshire Post, October 5).

Either way, as a ‘reluctant Remainer’ in June, I am now thinking that the sooner we conclude the so-called ‘negotiations’ with this man, he better it would be for the UK.

The ‘EU books’ have never been signed off by independent auditors, so why should we hand over any money prior to the publication of such information?