YP Letters: Real change needed to fix transport

When will the region's rail disruption end?
When will the region's rail disruption end?
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From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

THE lack of “experts” highlighted by David Behrens (The Yorkshire Post, August 4) should perhaps be qualified by “in running a railway”.

The increasing torrent of bad PR and ineptitude has occasionally caused the head of some high-flying “expert” suit to pop up and say “sorry”.

Compensation has been promised; but not the visceral change which is needed to provide the whole of Britain with public transport worthy of that name.

The present incumbents appear to be incapable of accepting that “whatever the market will stand” is not a formula likely to ease the burgeoning road chaos, by producing services which get us out of our cars. In this, they have been aided and abetted by dogma-driven politicians, Tory and Labour, for far too long.

Thanks to The Yorkshire Post and their Northern colleagues, transport is now high on the political agenda. Some politicians have spoken out; but by no means all of them. Isn’t it time that they did?

From: Michael Blake, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.

MANY thanks to Tom Richmond for the mention (The Yorkshire Post, August 4) of the problems on the TransPennine Express franchise, and for the prompt to Leo Goodwin.

We are grateful for your repeated efforts to draw attention to the mess that has followed from the May 20 timetable changes, and the refusal of anyone in the rail industry or Government to do anything to put matters right.

Spa town’s car misery

From: Paul Ashfield, Harrogate.

CONGESTION has been a hot topic in Harrogate for a decade and more. Initiatives, consultations and surveys come and go, but nothing ‘concrete’ transpires. Relief roads, bypasses, now you see them, now you don’t.

As we dither and Harrogate expands, the ‘black hole’ of super congestion continues to draw us in. Clearly the current personnel and the systems within which they work don’t work.

Unless there is rapid change, congestion and pollution will dramatically increase. Rome is burning, put the fiddle away.

From: Maureen Hayton, Northumberland.

MY husband and I came to Harrogate for the day. We had a parking disc but found it difficult to find a map of where we could park for an extended period.

We ended up moving the car twice – once after an hour’s stop for coffee. Again after a two-and-a-half hour walk around Birk Crags to visit the shops in the centre of town.

Having to move the car to a different zone each time seemed ridiculous and I doubt we would bother again.

We have always enjoyed coming to Harrogate from Northumberland, but the 
parking was not ideal.

The number of empty retail units was significant – we would definitely have spent more in the town if we’d not been preoccupied with having to move the car.

Information on where we could have parked for four hours with the disc would have been useful.

Devolution wrecked UK

From: David Sim, Midgley, Halifax.

REGARDING the devolution debate, a proliferation in the number of politicians under a ‘simple directly elected mayor’ is a scary proposition, especially as comparisons have been made to London.

The current state of London should be the most powerful anti-devolution argument needed, although the extra thousands of pounds in 
salaries and expenses allowed to the ambitious extra layers of rulers would also be a powerful contender in terms of arguments against.

Devolution has destroyed what was once referred to as the UK.

Regionalism propping up nationalism would further deconstruct what was once a respected nation while emptying the coffers more comprehensively than Tony Blair and Gordon Brown ever did.

League’s great ambassador

From: Gerry Wright, Whitehall Road East, Birkenshaw, Bradford.

LIKE Keith Jowett (The Yorkshire Post, August 4), I am concerned about a glaring omission from the supplement Inspiring Yorkshire.

While it was reassuring to see the inclusion of rugby league players of distinction, I was flabbergasted there was no mention of Neil Fox.

Like Johnny Whiteley, Neil was a model professional.

His conduct on and off the field was exemplary and, while I am no lover of the honours system, it is a disgrace there 
has been no knighthood for 
this excellent ambassador for rugby league who is in his 
80th year.

Sign a waste of money

From: Peter Haw, Ripon.

DRIVING on the A61 between Ripon and Thirsk today, I noticed a new sign at the side of the road proclaiming that I was now entering Hambleton District Council. Why has a council which is pleading poverty and is cutting services felt it necessary to waste taxpayers’ money on erecting a useless sign?

The last laugh

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

A HEARTFELT plea to the funeral directors – when the great Barry Chuckle’s funeral takes place they must do ‘to me to you’!