YP Letters: Reality check over future of the cheque book

The future of cheques has caused consternation.
The future of cheques has caused consternation.
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From: John Springer, Ivy Bank Close, Ingbirchworth, Sheffield.

GREG Wright (The Yorkshire Post, May 10) is obviously quite right to emphasise that his relative has an absolute right to offer a cheque in paynent for any expense he/she has incurred.

There are two problems that he has not addressed. Some retailers make it clear that all their transactions are subject to payment on the internet.

There are ALSO millions of people in this country for whom there is no possible access to the internet. A few million more may not want to put anything as sensitive as the details required to make payments on the internet.

From: Jane Bevis, Chair, Cheque and Credit Clearing Company.

CHEQUES are here to stay for as long as customers need them. Cheques are still a very popular payment method for certain groups of society and for certain situations. Whether it is gifts, refunds, donations, paying bills or paying a tradesperson, the cheque remains a much-valued choice.

We are working to modernise cheque processing, safeguarding the future of cheques. Timescales will be announced in due course. The cheque is here to stay – good news for all those people and organisations that wrote more than 1.5 million of them every day of the year in 2015!