YP Letters: Remain in EU leaflet makes a rapid exit

david Cameron's anti-brexit leaflet has been widely condemned.
david Cameron's anti-brexit leaflet has been widely condemned.
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From: Neville Balmer, Sicklinghall, Yorkshire.

CALL Me Dave’s anti-Brexit leaflet has just arrived on my doormat with a loud thump.

The weight and fine quality of the paper suggests it has almost certainly been sourced from Smythsons and sadly the high gloss makes it totally unsuitable for my intended course of action.

Even worse, it seems to have blunted my shredder.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

ANDREW Vine has missed a point in the “Out” campaign advice sheet. It will definitely state that “staying in the EU will give us even more of the same, more legislation from Brussels, more immigrants, more of our daily £55m being siphoned off to Eastern Europe and distant foreign colonies and of course further ingress into our sovereignty”.

The EU will achieve everything that it wishes and Britain will not be able to do a thing about it.

From: Jean Lorriman, Waterloo, Huddersfield.

I, ALONG with many others, have received my leaflet on reasons for staying in the EU. Many are angry at £9m being spent on what I think is something of a quick guide to a “Remain” vote for busy people or people who have little interest in the referendum anyway.

Some people are sending it back minus postage to show their resentment at the brochure!

I agree with Ed Miliband that the EU does prevent European wars from which his family suffered so dreadfully. However I am unsure about the political and administrative side of the issue.

The real reason for Call Me Dave’s referendum is a ploy to bury bad news. All over the country, services are being cut, A&E departments closed or threatened with closure and ultimately lives will be lost.

Ordinary folks aren’t daft – that’s why so many are returning their leaflets unstamped. Let’s spend money where it is needed most – the National Health Service.

From: M Hellawell, Cross Lane, Scarborough.

I’M no fan of David Cameron, but I think the gutter press and the envy and spite being engendered over the tax affairs of the Prime Minister and his holiday in the sun need to stop. Instead let him get on with the job he’s paid to do and concentrate on sorting out the tax avoidance, of which he is not guilty, and the steel industry.

All this sour grapes is just unnecessary and a distraction.

Personal link to the past

From: Dr Robert Heys, Bar Lane, Sowerby Bridge.

AS an inveterate handwritten letter writer may I support your call (“The last post. Is the writing on the wall for letters? The Yorkshire Post, April 11) for the preservation of that form of communication?

Photocopies (and originals) of the personally handwritten letters of eminent individuals from the past provide a 
unique sense of personal 
contact with such persons 
which it would surely be sad to lose.

Valley was the pits for sound

From: Mrs VG Fawcett, Park Crescent, Addingham, Ilkley.

RE “Unhappy” Happy Valley. 
I’m so pleased BBC boss Tony Hall is looking into the 
shocking sound quality of this programme.

Frustration set in when the dialogue was lost due to the awful mumbling.

Sarah Lancashire was the worst offender and I might add that if her hair was tidied up it might help!

Not a good look for the police force.

Don’t bother with another series unless the above can be sorted.

Slating the food fads

From: Jenny Barron, High Street, Barnburgh, Doncaster.

DAVID Rhodes (The Yorkshire Post, April 3) talks about health issues in the very many TV cookery programmes and restaurants up and down the country, I would like to indulge in a small rant myself.

Why do chefs insist on bending nearly double over the plate of food they are fancying up, presumably breathing all over it, and piling stuff on top of each other, handling everything, and without wearing gloves (leaving great open spaces sometimes filled in a bit with a few splodges of coulis)?

Why are roast dinners served in enormous bowls? Why serve pies, lasagne etc in the baking dish it has been cooked in then stand the said baking dish on a plate? Worse still, the fad of serving food on a roofing slate! Does this go into a dishwasher to be sterilised? Probably not.

Care should be a service

From: B Murray, Halifax Road, Grenoside, Sheffield.

IN response to Councillor Walsh (The Yorkshire Post, April 6), may I suggest that the Government takes his ideas further by having a third service apart from the NHS and councils.

This could be a caring service for the elderly and the most vulnerable and have its own budget.

It would relieve the NHS and councils of these responsibilities and ensure that there are dedicated staff who are responsible for this group of people and their particular needs.