YP Letters: Remainers who see themselves as a cut above constituents over Brexit

Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman's Brexit views have angered many.
Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman's Brexit views have angered many.
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From: Gordon Lawrence, Sheffield.

HUDDERSFIELD MP Barry Sheerman has been, quite rightly, widely disparaged for his elitist and insulting views on those who voted to leave the EU. But he is no lone voice along those lines in this controversy.

It’s almost a standard argument for many Remainers. It gives them a stronger platform to debate from since on the democratic issue they have no counter argument and, apart from accusation of jingoism and being supported by a big bloc, they are limited to discussing the monetary problems of moving out of the EU. What is damaging, though, for Mr Sheerman is that he represents a constituency that is in favour of Brexit. Mr Sheerman, evidently, regards himself a cut above the riff-raff he is supposed to represent.

With economic degrees from the LSE, that tropical hotbed of academic, left wing, politically-correct thinking, he believes he towers intellectually above his constituents who had the audacity to vote to leave the EU. They showed a very creditable awareness of reality. It is all in accordance with Mr Sheerman’s ideas of democracy, or lack of it, when he infers that those with degrees are more worthy of an opinion than those without.

From: Terry Marston, Lincoln.

CACK-HANDED comes to mind when thinking of the last few years of this Tory government. We didn’t want a referendum, but David Cameron thought his party needed one to heal once and for all its Euro-sores. Then followed the “campaign”, fought in ignorance of the facts. The Brexit ad men painted buses and promised us increases in NHS spending if we voted “out”. Battlebus? Blunderbus more like. What next?

From: Coun Paul Andrews (Ind), Malton Ward, Great Habton, York.

I DON’T understand how Sir Bernard Ingham (The Yorkshire Post, November 8) can praise Gordon Brown for helping the world avoid economic meltdown, and in the same breath accuse him of bankrupting the country. My recollection is that it was spending our money on bailing out the banks which bankrupted the country – and probably saved us all from a 1930s-type depresssion.

From: Peter Rigby, Beamsley.

ONE of Gordon Brown’s last rolls of the dice was his bribe to our pension electorate of free bus travel, hence the Office for Budget Responsibility to ensure it never happens again.