YP Letters: ‘Rude and arrogant’? Your say on Laura Kuenssberg and the BBC’s Brexit coverage

BBC political edtior Laura Kuennsberg with Theresa May.
BBC political edtior Laura Kuennsberg with Theresa May.
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From: Coun Paul Andrews (Independent), Malton Ward, Ryedale District Council.

I AM an elected councillor and would like to write in defence of BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg (The Yorkshire Post, February 12).

Politics is not meant to be a comfortable or pleasurable occupation: it is however a great honour to be elected to represent even the smallest community.

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The work includes being accountable for your views and your voting. This can mean hours of discussion with reporters and editors, sometimes hostile and very direct.

Anybody who goes into politics for all the right reasons will relish the opportunity to face and answer criticism, however hard the questions – provided the questions and the criticism are not personal.

Our democratic system cannot function properly unless journalists are allowed to do their job, and Laura Kuenssberg is an exceptionally gifted interviewer.

I’m sure that if Laura ever interviewed me, she would give me a very hard time, but that is what I would expect, and so should Theresa May.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

LEAVE Laura Kuenssberg alone! Every time she is is rude and aggressive, she generates sympathy for the Prime Minister – who is doing a tough job pretty well – and increases the Tory standing in opinion polls. Please carry on just as you are, Laura, you’re doing a great job.

The same goes for Michel Barnier. Every time this European bureaucrat opens his mouth he converts Remainers into Leavers by reminding Britons why we don’t want to remain members of his club.

From: Roy Dobson, Dewsbury.

RE critical letters concerning Laura Kuenssberg. That’s her job, is it not?

Remember the many claims by the Prime Minister on the steps of 10 Downing Street that she was to help those at the bottom of the ladder? “Just About Managing” – comes to mind. Well that number has greatly increased under her watch.

One letter writer went on to state “at last someone in the media has the nerve to call out this biased, rude and egotistical woman”. He could not have spoken truer words – of Theresa May.

From: Margaret Webster, Scholes, Cleckheaton.

I AGREE with your readers who find Laura Kuenssberg rude and arrogant. She does not give an informed or impartial analysis.

Her interviewing tactics are appalling. All she wants to do is be in the limelight and further her own career as a reporter.

She does not seem to understand that the British people voted to leave the EU and, whether we like it or not, this will happen.

Let us all get behind Theresa May who has an unenviable task talking with the EU leaders to get us the best Brexit deal. I have emailed the BBC complaints department and would urge your readers to take the same action.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

I MUST agree with the letter writers about the way Laura Kuenssberg interviewed Theresa May (The Yorkshire Post, February 12) in China – shocking.

I think it is high time she, and the Government, were allowed to get on with the Brexit negotiations.

Whatever way we look at it, we voted to come out – much to the shock of David Cameron. Where is he these days?

In Theresa May, we have the best person to be Prime Minister at the present time. So for heaven’s sake get on with it. Stop our financial contribution – that will soon shock the EU.

From: Mrs E Bell, Driffield.

I COULDN’T agree more with the letter from W Forrest of Huddersfield (The Yorkshire Post, February 7) regarding the attitude of Laura Kuenssberg towards Theresa May. She shows no respect whatsoever. She is most certainly very full of her own importance.

From: Jack Brookes, Ilkley.

RE Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, February 10), he’s right to call out Laura Kuessenberg for repeatedly using the phrase ‘a source told me’. Unless we know the source, or the context, we 
will conclude that the BBC Political Editor is simply exaggerating for effect.