YP Letters: Rule puts brakes on the spread of fracking

A fracking protest at Kirby Misperton.
A fracking protest at Kirby Misperton.
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From: Simon Bowens, Friends of the Earth Yorkshire and Humber campaigner.

I WAS on my way back from holiday in France when I heard the news from Northallerton that there will be buffer zones between North Yorkshire shale gas sites and homes, but you could have heard the cheers from across the Channel.

This is hugely significant
and puts the brakes on the industry.

It also sets a benchmark for other local authorities because the fact that a Government inspector has approved a setback distance will bolster other local authorities to do likewise.

It is going to make it very hard for developers to propose sites within 500m of a house without justification.

With evidence showing the risks of fracking, these protections are both welcome and timely.

Minerals planning policy probably doesn’t sound that exciting but results like this can be the tipping point that continues the momentum towards stopping fracking in England.