YP Letters: Saddened by Sunday parking policy in Harrogate

Sunday parking charges have met with an angry response in Harrogate.
Sunday parking charges have met with an angry response in Harrogate.
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From: The Rev J A Campbell, Minister, West Parl United Reformed Church, Harrogate.

AS Minister at West Park United Reformed Church in the centre of Harrogate, (and surrounded by roads which are to have parking charges in place on Sundays), I feel saddened by the town’s parking policy on two counts (The Yorkshire Post, August 15). First, introducing parking charges with a Tina (There Is No Alternative) mindset from a small body of people who choose to wield their authority. And how strange that the parking places outside Government offices at the top end of Victoria Avenue should have no restrictions placed on them at all!

Secondly, I cannot expect members of our congregation to have to pay around £150 a year to attend a Sunday morning service so, sadly, we will be removing the garden in front of the church and replacing it with a car park.

Here, then, is a front garden being paved over because public servants fail to listen to those they serve. Penny wise: pound foolish!

I believe it was announced that Harrogate has fallen from first position to third position as being a nice place to live. When will the councillors realise that “Happy Harrogate” is careering towards “Sad Old Spa Town”? Perhaps Harrogate needs a “Brexit-style” shake-up to clear out those in whom there is so little confidence.