YP Letters: Should cafes ban dogs? Not every man’s best friend when trying to eat

Should dogs be allowed into cafes in Whitby?
Should dogs be allowed into cafes in Whitby?
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From: Mrs J Thornton, Church Street, Whitby.

I AM concerned about all the cafés in Whitby which allow dogs into them.

I went into a café and there were four dogs in there.

Occasionally there is some disagreement between them and that can be quite disturbing – and sometimes the smell is awful.

It seems so very unhealthy where people are eating meals and I think it is so unfair to customers to have to put up with it, especially if a person suffers with asthma or other breathing difficulties.

It’s very unhygienic and I think it should stop.

If people have dogs with them it would be a good idea to have a dog area outside, maybe have a rail to fasten their lead to and a bowl of water, there could even be a hut to shelter in the rainy weather.

Dogs are off-putting when you are eating a nice piece of cake.

I do like dogs, but in the right place.