YP Letters: Signs of national madness on road to Welwick

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From: Jack Caley, Aldbrough, Hull.

THE other day, I went to see an old Albion binder cutting wheat for the Welwick threshing festival to be held later on this year.

En route we passed Withernsea, where last year I was treated in the after-care hospital. A wonderful place, it ought to be twice the size, to help relieve the pressure on the main hospitals.

Instead, I am told that parts of Withernsea Hospital are to be closed.

Welwick is of course on the side of the river.

My daughter started talking to one farmer whose farm is to be flooded, as part of some crazy scheme.

He is not the only farmer, there are several others.

We drove alongside the river past Stoney Creek, past several other pieces of land which are lying derelict, waiting to be flooded.

I did a rough calculation as to the cost of this exercise, destroying this wonderful 
fertile land, capable of 
growing a great deal of food for the nation.

I estimate the figure is somewhere approaching £20m.

Quite a good sum to put in to the NHS.

We know that North Korea and the US have madmen in charge, but what about the UK?