YP Letters: Steam is the answer to Dales line’s problems

Wensleydale Railway's Leeming Bar Station.
Wensleydale Railway's Leeming Bar Station.
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From: Edward Grainger, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

IF tourism in the Yorkshire Dales is to be embraced, then the further expansion of the Wensleydale Railway from Leeming Bar Station to Redmire is an absolute must.

Having travelled along the line since its reopening to passenger services, usually fitting my bicycle on board and enjoying the ride back from Leyburn to Bedale with all mileages between, I have thought so often what is missing is the sound and smells of a steam train or two. After all, the highlight of any rail journey on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from Pickering to Whitby is to see and hear the sounds of steam.

I have so often seen the obvious disappointment on the faces of the rail passengers as a diesel train pulls into the station on either line.

The very opposite is true on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway when a steam train becomes the focus to everyone’s attention, as elderly men become small boys again.

Good luck to the Wensleydale Railway, but not wishing to state the obvious, steam is the answer to promote not just the line, but tourism in this part of the Yorkshire Dales in general. Hopefully, the steam train Jennifer will be joined eventually by others, one with a dining car, representing the true age of steam.