YP Letters: Sticking with coal power is not the answer

Ferrybridge C Power Station stopped production last week.
Ferrybridge C Power Station stopped production last week.
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From: Andy Brown, Green Party, Cononley, Keighley.

How sad that The Yorkshire Post has once again given over a great deal of space to enable Sir Bernard Ingham to desperately try and convince us all that global warming is based on flimsy evidence and we need to rely on coal power to meet increasing demand for energy (The Yorkshire Post, March 30).

Technology changes and modern technology continues to create excellent opportunities to reduce energy consumption such as better home insulation and more efficient industry and transport. At the same time huge improvements in the storage and production capacity of alternative sources of energy such as solar are coming on line.

Investing properly in future technologies would give the UK an excellent opportunity of being in the forefront of the next phase of the industrial revolution. Sticking with a fossilised technology such as coal risks leaving our country increasingly out of date and unable to compete. It also increases the pressures on our climate which 98 per cent of scientists now find alarming and all too real.

I doubt that the Yorkshire folk who have suffered the pain and expense of more frequent and more severe flooding will share the relaxed attitude of Sir Bernard to the evidence that the change to our climate is all too real.