YP Letters: Supermarkets can help us to healthy eating

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From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

SADLY, in spite of Government warnings, a lot of us are not sufficiently aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle. Only the other day, I came across the comment that many parents are not aware that their children are overweight. As one looks around, how many adults are aware that middle areas of their bodies are extremely large?

It is a pity that ready-made meals don’t have a built-in portions of green vegetables, but most people would consider that an intrusion in their daily lives, wouldn’t they?

It is also a pity that instead of fruit and vegetables being on display at the check-out in supermarkets, there is an abundance of very tempting chocolate items.

Instead of feeding their little darlings biscuits and sweets, the idea of giving them a carrot to chew doesn’t cross many parents’ minds.

Perhaps there might be a Weight Watchers corner with minimum sugar count for soft drinks and meals consisting of goodly helpings of cooked vegetables alongside meat/fish and potatoes?

This could be as prominent as the pizza counters, like the one at the revamped Morrisons store in Guiseley. Also fresh fruit salad for dessert.

Just an idea.