YP Letters: Tackle waste in NHS before demanding cash

John Blundell says the NHS is inefficient. Do you agree?
John Blundell says the NHS is inefficient. Do you agree?
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From: John R Blundell, Matterdale Road, Dewsbury.

I GET a little confused and annoyed that the NHS is reported to be in crisis, and needs more and more money, when history has shown that money invested in the NHS results in very small improvement.

It all seems to get spent in administration and the ‘fat cats’ at the top.

We hear constantly this section and that section is in crisis, which may be true, but a lot of it is political point-scoring and only highlights the problem, not the cause. Some of us remembers the junior doctors going on strike during 2016, causing millions of procedures and appointments to be lost due to their actions. The loss of these procedures and appointments has not disappeared.

It is time that the administration in the NHS started to stand up for the appalling job they are doing in managing the money they receive. We are approaching one of the most important decisions for decades – let’s have some real home truths. We shouldn’t cry wolf for more money given the amount of money not used efficiently during 2016, and several years before that, when PFI hospitals led to health trusts paying a charge before they actually turned on a light or saw a patient. This is a legacy from the last Labour administration.