YP Letters: Thanks for highlighting Scarborough and Whitby tug-of-war

The site of Scarborough's Futurist theatre.
The site of Scarborough's Futurist theatre.
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From: Patrick Henry, Prospect Road. Scarborough.

YOUR Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, February 10) noted the dissent within Scarborough and Whitby Borough Council over disparate interests of these towns and regretted how valued coastal resorts are disagreeing.Filey is a third factor in the mix.

As fishing ports, these ancient places have known bitter rivalry across the ages. One present issue concerns plans for Scarborough to demolish its fine seafront Futurist theatre and sell this prime location site to a funfair complex project. That involves large expense to the borough council. Whitby voices amidst the shared council authority argue that their own harbour area needs, and deserves, crucial funding ahead of such schemes.

In Scarborough, a people’s campaign to preserve the Futurist lost recently by a single council vote, but hope remains to fight on and retain this fine asset to the town. Yet another sprawling fun fair will further erode the splendid appearance of this historic place.

The Yorkshire Post is widely read and respected in these coastal reaches; as a national-style daily newspaper of quality, issued from the heart of our own county.

Its observations on these seashore areas and concerns are welcome and appreciated.