YP Letters: The Brexit and immigration dilemma

Which way will Britain vote on June 23?
Which way will Britain vote on June 23?
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From: John Harris, Ronaldshay Drive, Richmond.

THE issue of immigration is a key one for many electors in the referendum debate. However that issue is not as simple as the Leave campaigners make out. As Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is quoted as saying: the changes the Leave campaigners propose would result in retaliatory moves against UK and ‘an inevitable, unavoidable race to the bottom’.

That is likely to involve a points system for UK workers wanting to work in the EU, non-co-operation on preventing illegal immigration to the UK, a refusal to accept the return of those who cross the Channel and a requirement for visas to visit Europe.

And just imagine what would happen to the NHS if 400,000 UK pensioners living in Europe started to return and no more were allowed to take up residence in the EU.

That would have a much more severe financial impact on the NHS than the additional money Leave supporters say could be added from savings as a result of not contributing to EU finance.

From: David Boardman, Kings Head Road, Mirfield.

We have been members of the EU for 43 years. How has this helped our steel, coal mining, textile, locomotive and fishing industries? Answer: It has not made one jot of difference.

From: Roger Backhouse, Orchard Road, Upper Poppleton, York.

FORMER Batley MP Elizabeth Peacock’s plans to vote leave come a bit late (The Yorkshire Post, June 7). Perhaps she could now apologise for successive Conservative Prime Ministers carrying us further into the European Union?

If I vote Leave, it will be in spite of arguments put forward by Elizabeth Peacock and those Conservative politicians who see it as a way to enhance their political ambitions.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield, Skipton.

WE need to be brave and take the lead. We have one chance to reclaim this country of ours from the corrupt money guzzling monster that is the EU.

From: Philip Ross, Gosforth, Tyne and Wear.

IN a Q&A with ITV’s Political Editor, Robert Peston references his impartiality and then suggests remaining in the EU will lead to more “prosperity”. Two matters concern me with this statement – this doesn’t appear very impartial and, more significantly, what makes him so sure?

From: Peter Green, Barmby Road, Pocklington.

I DON’T think that either the people of the present time, or the history writers, will be kind to David Cameron (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, June 9). Instead of doing his duty as a statesman, and giving us even handed voting advice, with the benefit of his position, he continues to make threats of what will befall us if we decide to quit.

From: Michael Meadowcroft, Former Liberal MP, Waterloo Lane, Leeds.

YOUR correspondent , D B Holdsworth (The Yorkshire Post, June 7) says the EU’s auditors won’t sign off the accounts. This is false: the EU’s Court of Auditors Report on the latest 2014 accounts states: “The European Court of Auditors gives a clean opinion on the reliability of the 2014 accounts of the European Union.”

From: Derek Curson, Elland.

IF any person in this country wishes to trade as a company or club which involves accepting payments from other people to promote that organisation, (s)he will be required to submit annual statements of account to the appropriate authorities to ensure that he is operating correctly and is not illegally accepting money from strangers to feather his own nest.

How strange that the powerful EU has never published any accounts of where all the money has gone and is still going. For this reason alone, it would be better for us to get out quick.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

THIS very significant migration of people clarifies by how much the dilution of our centuries long indigenous population is changing. I find it a very serious and disturbing matter. Therefore I must vote to leave the EU, allowing the Government to reduce this damaging population change by every means possible.

From: Antony Clayton, Hobson Court, Beverley.

SIR John Major has hit out at the (allegedly) “squalid” and “deceitful” campaign to get Britain out of the EU. This by a true blue Tory supporter intent on maintaining the current status quo in their fiscal favour. Why is he not similarly castigating David Cameron for giving out false information?

From: JC Penn, Holcroft Garth, Hedon, Hull.

THE EU referendum is causing serious confusion in our country. We need to look at things in a different way. The American continent is a product of European immigration. The English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and the Irish all took part in the colonisation.The US wants to keep Europe together; we are all citizens of this planet.

From: James Robson, Kirbymoorside.

HAIL the BBC’s Andrew Neil for his truculent questioning of Hilary Benn. How satisfying to see the fear in Benn’s eyes as Andrew pursued his line of inquiry: will no politician these days answer a question in an honest, straightforward manner?

From: Mr B Cowan, Thoresby Street, Hull.

DON’T Remain voters realise why hundreds of people died or were horribly injured in two wars? They suffered so that we could remain a sovereign country. What they did has been cast aside as if it was absolutely nothing by a group of men in a foreign land.