YP Letters: The Europe issue is this: By whom do we wish to be governed?

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From: Colin McNamee, Goddard Avenue, Hull.

SINCE 1989, I have spent some time in getting myself informed. I decided to share the information having voted in favour of a Common Market in June 1975.

I was the sole UK representative at business meetings in Europe between 1989 and 1993 involving business harmonisation throughout the then European Community. I became more accurately informed as the others in 1989 were already viewing the EC as being a step towards a federal Europe.

This led to my greater interest in what the UK main political parties were advising the electorate, supported by most 
of the media, in particular the BBC. I began reading a synopsis of the European papers for several years; reading the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 and subsequently the proposed EU Constitution which became the Lisbon Treaty.

Since 1973 when the UK joined the EEC (European Economic Community) the EU share of the global Gross National Product (GDP) has more than halved.

As now, as in June 1975, the Prime Minister and the ‘Remain’ campaign led a misinformation and deceitful campaign and the electorate are continuing to be duped.

On June 23, it is about by whom do you wish to be governed? Those you elect to the UK Parliament or those you don’t in the EU?

From: Patricia Schofield, Park Lane, Blaxton.

“LET us, Great Britain, stand tall and lead”. These are the words of Home Secretary Theresa May (The Yorkshire Post, April 26). Very admirable indeed, but in my view this will not happen because the rest of the EU members would not agree. I say let us free ourselves from the European Union and then lead “Our Way”.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Bouelvard Avenue, Grimsby.

LIKE Don Burslam (The Yorkshire Post, April 26), I fully accept that most immigrants want to work, and can provide a healthy economic boost to our ageing population.

However I didn’t like his reference to jobs “which our own people spurn”. For many employers simply target non-British jobseekers, who haven’t therefore the opportunity to apply for such work.

Moreover I’ve seen what I presume are job adverts written in some foreign language, meaning that monoglot English speakers are automatically excluded.