YP Letters: The lack of dredging shows negligence on a grand scale

The partially collapsed Tadcaster Bridge.
The partially collapsed Tadcaster Bridge.
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From: Judy Goodwin, Windross Close, Altofts, Normanton.

THE devastation caused by the floods should be a wake up call for the Government and Enviroment Agency to get a grip, they continue to allow housing to be built on known flood plains and do not practice good housekeeping such as the dredging of rivers and the clearing of drains.

In the last floods in the south of England, a farmer stated that dredging was ceased on the part of the river that broke its banks 26 years before and the pumping station that pumped the water out when it reached a certain level mothballed a few years later.

This is negligence on a grand scale. As a child, the gentleman clearing the drains was a regular sight as was the dredger on the canal near my home. This may not prevent all flooding, but it’s a good start.

From: Robert Craig, Priory Road, Weston-super-Mare.

THE difference in the Government’s response to this winter’s flooding in the North, compared to how it reacted to the 2013 floods in Somerset and the Home Counties, is further evidence for why there needs to be a devolved English parliament and government in Leeds.

From: Terry Maunder, Kirkstall, Leeds.

THERE have been a number of letters recently about incompetent politicians and the latest fiasco with the flooding is proof positive. All of them are using the word “unprecedented” in every interview (The Yorkshire Post, December 28) as a prepared ploy to divert us from their utter uselessness.

Again, these people would be unemployed if it weren’t for their educational backgrounds and buddy networks. None of them have qualifications or skills in their fields of influence: look at Environment Secretary Liz Truss, She actually volunteered huge cuts in “her” cepartment and now look what’s happened. They protect the interests of their class and the rest of us can go to hell on a tidal wave down the middle of the road.

From: Stephen Clark, Leeds.

PEOPLE often say that all politicians are the same. Well in 2010 and 2015 a minority of the British people decided to elect a Tory government committed to the cutting of infrastructure spending. This week we have seen the consequences of those decisions. With past and future cuts to the flood defences of West Yorkshire, this Government decided to “save” money in the short term, only to pay a higher price in the longer term. But the people who pay are those whose lives, homes and businesses are regularly ruined by these flood events.