YP Letters: The many advantages of life outside the EU are obvious

The EU should not stand in the way of efforts to save the UK steel industry.
The EU should not stand in the way of efforts to save the UK steel industry.
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From: David Nutt, Huby, Leeds

ANDREW Vine’s article about our choice of staying in or leaving the EU (The Yorkshire Post, January 19) bemoans an absence of solid information for the voter about the consequences of the referendum. Well Andrew, the facts, although oft-stated, clearly require further emphasis.

The advantages of leaving include the immediate resumption in our control of immigration to Britain, and an undisputed huge saving by ceasing our subscription to the club. Equally advantageous will be the relief here from government by Brussels bureaucrats, and the return of responsibility to the ones in Whitehall who are answerable to the British Government and therefore to us, the electorate.

Arguments against leaving that the voter can discount include the now surely debunked notion that the remaining EU might retaliate by starting a trade war with the UK. EU business with Britain is of such profound importance that our mutual trade would continue without the slightest interference, while our access 
to world trade would become wide open.

Also ridiculous is the assertion by those who would remain members that the residual EU could force Britain into a disadvantageous relationship similar to that imposed on Norway and Switzerland. The EU has no leverage whatever to compel this nation of over 60 million inhabitants, and more importantly customers, to accept any unwanted arrangements.

So what about the advantages of remaining as members? This is where hard facts are difficult to perceive, in fact right now I can’t think of any!

From: D Wood, Howden.

YOUR Editorial “Where’s the Steel (The Yorkshire Post, January 19) cites two cases where membership of the EU has been a disaster for Britain. Why should we need to ask the EU for permission to save our steel industry or for permission to dredge our rivers in order to prevent flooding?

These are things which a true British Government would just do, and not need to ask anyone else’s permission to do it!

Both cases point to the fact that David Cameron and his Government do not run this country; the German-dominated EU does. At the end of the day, Mr Cameron is only a politician and a mediocre one at that. We do not have to listen to his capitulation to the EU we can and must ignore him and his self-seeking cronies and vote to leave this disastrous union which is destroying our country.