YP Letters: Theresa May has already fully surrendered to Brussels

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From Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

Theresa May “pledges” that there will be no second referendum and no surrender to Brussels.

What do you think of Theresa May's approach to Brexit?

What do you think of Theresa May's approach to Brexit?

Since “Chequers” (that is, the White Paper produced by Olly Robbins) is already a full surrender to Brussels, it looks like we should prepare for a second referendum too.

That is how low the Prime Minister’s reputation has sunk. Anyone can check the executive summary of the Robbins White Paper. It makes clear that we shall leave the existing multilateral EU treaties, but then sign up to new bilateral treaties and existing agreements to almost the same effect.

It is a revolving-door Remain in black and white that completely contradicts Mrs May’s claims.

The interesting issue is not why Mrs May is not honest about its intentions, but why she’s so sanguine.

Perhaps she thinks the Parliamentary majority for Remain will support her fight against the 100 or so genuine Leave MPs.

That would be extraordinarily short-sighted.

If Labour has the wit to prop her up, the ensuing civil war within the Conservative party will see it extinct.

From: Harry Brooke, Meanwood, Leeds.

Was I the only one to find especially jarring the spectacle of French boats threatening British ones, so close to the same coast towards which, 74 years ago, thousands of British troops sailed on D-Day to liberate France?

Far from bringing us closer together, the Common Fisheries Policy has created discord, vituperation and resentment. For that, we should blame the unelected panjandrums in Brussels.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I CANNOT believe that Richard Wilson really thinks he represents the views of Yorkshire folks or even the people of Leeds regarding Brexit (The Yorkshire Post, September 3).

All the speakers he names in your article are well-known Remainers. The arguments have been made. The vote has been taken.

We are leaving the undemocratic EU and it is time we all accepted the democratic will of the people and stopped trying to thwart the efforts of Theresa May to carry them out.