YP Letters: This just indicates their lack of consideration

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From: Father Neil McNicholas, Yarm.

I MISSED it! There was obviously an announcement in all the papers and on the news that drivers no longer have to indicate when they intend to turn, or is it just that membership of the “I’m alright Jack” club is on the increase?

What do they care if other drivers sit at junctions and roundabouts waiting for them to pass because they aren’t indicating their intention to turn, only to have them turn anyway thus wasting our time sitting there for nothing. It doesn’t matter that they may know where they are going (if in fact they do), the whole point of indicators is to let other road users know what their intentions are.

Demonstrating that you know what indicators are for, and how to use them, was an important part of passing the driving test.

What makes these people think it no longer matters now they have a licence? Or if you’re not going to use them, remove them or cover them up with tape so at least we know you don’t care!