YP Letters: Time for action over transport breakdown in Leeds

Gridlock in Leeds.
Gridlock in Leeds.
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From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

LIGHT railway forms the backbone of urban public transport throughout Europe, including a few – too few – cities in the UK.

The city’s visionary transport department’s pruning and modernising policy could have given Leeds such a system by the 1970s. The council knew better and opted for a cheap quick fix.

Fifty years later, the city continues to pay the true and ever escalating price.

The intransigence of councillor Judith Blake et al, suggests that history is about to repeat itself (The Yorkshire Post, November 30) condemning the city of Leeds to yet more 
decades of mediocrity and pollution.

It was reassuring to read that Stuart Andrew MP has joined Greg Mulholland in speaking out on this. But why do we have a positively reverberating silence from the other six? MPs: you were elected to look after the interests of the people of a major European city and, by association, many beyond. Choosing to do nothing about its sub-standard transport system, with all which that implies, does not look good on your political CVs.

Reason has consistently failed; isn’t it time for you all to get together and do some metaphorical skull-cracking in both Leeds and London?