YP Letters: Time for review in to state of Leeds Bradford Airport and its poor welcome

A plane takes off from Leeds Bradford Airport.
A plane takes off from Leeds Bradford Airport.
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From: John K Wales, Appleton Roebuck, York.

YOU will no doubt be aware of the increasing concern about the state and function of the Leeds Bradford Airport, which my wife and I have used regularly now over many years.

As you know, it has been taken over from the local authorities and some investment made on the profit making side of the airport, largely for departing passengers.

Little has been spent on travelling passengers (Tony Hallwood, The Yorkshire Post, October 31).

Too many licences have been granted for aircraft to use the airport, which cannot now deal with the passenger numbers, particularly at border control, security and the walk between the terminal and aircraft where passengers must face the vagaries of the Yorkshire weather. Too many movements of aircraft take place in the early morning and/or late afternoon, causing a good deal of confusion, delays and frustration. The staff cope as best they can and cannot be blamed. One feels that problems stem from the owner’s desire to maximise profits from retail sales and landing charges.

Parking is also now a problem. We live in a North Yorkshire village with no public transport and we must drive and park at the airport. On the past two to three occasions, the method of entering and leaving the car park has not functioned properly. The high charges for parking (particularly short term) are punitive and bear no relation to security.

The whole place is now a mess. It is a disgrace to businessmen and women and foreigners arriving in Yorkshire. All British airports must improve in welcoming visitors if we are to survive in the new Brexit world.

I recommend that the CAA undertakes an in-depth review into the running of Leeds Bradford Airport, related to:

The movement of aircraft and their disposition throughout the day and its impact on the working patterns of the staff.

The comfort and care of passengers moving from terminal to/from the aircraft.

The adequacy of security and border staff numbers at busy times.

Car parking costs, facilities and connections to and from the terminal.

We understand that the CAA has recently issued a licence to the Leeds East Airport at Church Fenton (ex-RAF) to begin commercial flights. Should not the CAA encourage the owners there to help with the workload on Leeds Bradford Airport? At least it is not on the top of a hill – and is nearer to us. We need action – not words.