YP Letters: Time to move on from the moaning and head shaking

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
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From: Robert Adams, Garfield Road, Scarborough.

I’VE just read Bernard Ingham’s column ‘Loony lefties who would leave us right in the mire’ (The Yorkshire Post, August 3).

Maybe my hackles have been raised because I’ve just completed my book which is fundamentally about the negativity that pervades too much of our culture.

Maybe it’s just that Sir Bernard’s writing is just too obvious to ignore. But whichever, the article is a perfect example of the moaning and head shaking we so desperately need to move on from.

Sir Bernard bemoans the Labour leadership options and their equality agenda. His head shakes in despair at the prospect of workers on corporate boards proposed by Theresa May. And, indeed, he is heading towards ‘a serious state of depression’ around the major projects the new Chancellor of the Exchequer is investing in.

Lest he forget, investing in major projects is a sound route to jobs and wealth creation, especially if this is matched to an agenda for minimising the great and widening divide we have in this country between the skilled/unskilled, North/South and a host of others ills we have inherited.

And his outlook towards the ‘workers’, he can’t envisage as anything other than ‘class war’ activists, illustrates his inability to relate to us, the ‘ordinary chap and his family’ in any kind of positive light.

Participatory commitment is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to cultivate a real sense of purpose, direction, drive and achievement in 
their boards and employees alike.

Sir Bernard’s blame game can only lead to more conflict, not progress, let alone resolution. The heady days of bulldozer politics and business practices should be long gone.

It is time we embraced a positive collaborative participatory approach for a modern movement that doesn’t tolerate or embrace but simply expects equality as a right for us ordinary chaps.

From: Peter J Teal, Union Road, Thorne, Doncaster.

I DO hope that everything goes satisfactorily for Theresa May as Prime Minister. In the 2010 election campaign she visited my son’s market stall. She was very polite – no airs and graces.

From: Alex England, Shipley.

LABOUR in turmoil. Ukip in turmoil. Lib Dems nearly invisible; what is stopping Theresa May from calling a general election and getting a mandate of her own?