YP Letters: Time to unlock potential of Whitby and Teesside

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From: Chris Gallacher, Chairman, Ukip Redcar.

AS we move forward into a new future following the referendum vote, it is encouraging to see that another major step towards a massive economic development has taken place.

I refer to the recent planning approvals for the port facility for the Yorkshire Potash mine being built near Whitby.

This development has already benefited from cost savings due to our recent decision to leave the EU and subsequent drop in our exchange rate.

Although it is a short-term gain, it is a welcome bonus towards this fantastic improvement in employment prospects in East Cleveland and Middlesbrough.

I have been a keen advocate of this mine and trust we will all see the prospects for all seeking employment improve along with the training of more young people to follow a lifetime of work in this industry.

I also hope that this will be an incentive for more businesses to look towards Teesside and its potential, which is great owing to our skilled and industrious workforce.

We have had many setbacks in recent times and should be looking to bring more industry sectors – for example, Land Rover Jaguar is looking for a new factory location for its electric cars.