YP Letters: Try walking back to a happier, healthier life

Should more be done to encourage walking?
Should more be done to encourage walking?
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From: Tompion Platt, Head of Policy, Living Streets.

THE study by the University of Glasgow found that people who cycle to work are 45 per cent less likely to get cancer, and people who walk to work have a 27 per cent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and a 36 per cent lower risk of dying from it.

Walking is a free, easy and accessible way to stay healthy and protect ourselves from chronic conditions.

New figures from the NHS last month revealed that one in four adults are inactive, but by choosing to swap short car journeys for a walk instead, we can easily fit more exercise into our day.

The high levels of air pollution in our towns and cities puts some people off travelling actively but the myth that we are protected from air pollution inside the car is simply not true – we are less exposed when on foot.

And when people walk more, they are being part of the solution.

It’s Living Streets’ National Walking Month in May and we’re encouraging people to #Try20 – and fit 20 minutes of walking into their day and see what benefits they feel to their health and happiness.