YP Letters: Unions will target our trains to keep their jobs following Southern Rail fiasco

Travellers stranded by rail strikes.
Travellers stranded by rail strikes.
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From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth, York.

WHEN the commuter trains in the south of the country come to a grinding halt readers might think ‘so what?’ (The Yorkshire Post, December 14).

A word of warning. Aslef and other unions will be targeting regional railways in the near future.

What century are these dinosaurs in?

Forty to 50 years ago, bus crews were striking over the same issues of “OMO”, one 
man operation as it was called then.

It was introduced, despite the same arguments being used that have come into play today, about safety.

Absolute tosh, nobody was injured and the action, as is the case today, was purely about protectionism.

In point of fact, younger readers won’t even know what “a clippy” was.

Why stop at these striking conductors and drivers? I’ve been on trains around the world without drivers, let alone conductors.

The technology should be introduce without a moment’s delay and let the great hard-working public get to work unimpeded.