YP Letters: War on sickness benefits is now an abuse of human rights

Can Theresa May defend her welfare cuts?
Can Theresa May defend her welfare cuts?
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From: Andrew Stark, Wensley Drive, Chapel Allerton, Leeds.

I AM writing to you to ask for your help in highlighting and stopping our Government’s increasingly horrendous abuses of human rights.

The present sickness benefits claim system is now completely corrupted as the Department of Work and Pensions is desperate to turn down any claim they can.

The consultation process they use to do this is supposed to be independent but is devised by the DWP and the supposed medical examinations they use to dismiss all medical evidence and the claimant’s evidence are a grotesque mockery of proper medical examinations. One is a one second observation of a fully clothed body and the mental health examination didn’t happen. And the consultations are run by occupational therapists and nurses.

Then the DWP is doing what it is told to do by a Government whose attitude to claimants is delusional and an abuse of human rights. Until the last two Tory governments, I have never known our politicians deliberately set out to harm a section of society.

Hearing Theresa May regularly say she cares for all is grotesque. The Tory government’s actions are causing suicides, homelessness and thousands of families in Leeds alone to rely on food banks.

Recent actions to make 160,000 people ineligible for PIP and move people on ESA Support Group into being paid JSA (over £60/week less) are political ideology with complete indifference for the consequences. It’s so extreme it feels like a crusade – the English inquisition.

Ironically the system has become so convoluted that the DWP must be wasting billions of public money every year.

This is a humanitarian crisis in our own country. Please do all you can to publicise this matter and campaign for a fair sickness benefits system. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If Theresa May’s people get away with stopping sickness benefits, they will go on to do much worse.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE Government has seen fit to cap housing benefits in an effort to get people into work. Perhaps a better plan would have been to cut all benefits to illegal immigrants instead.

That would have the double effect of deterring illegals from coming here to milk the system (Note I have no objection to those who come here to work) and it would free up money to reverse the decision to cap benefits to the real needy who will now struggle to retain their homes.