YP Letters: Warnings over Brexit ignore impact of migrant labour

The EU referendum takes place on June 23.
The EU referendum takes place on June 23.
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From: James Colin Smith, Fryston Lane, Ferrybridge, Knottingley.

I FEEL we should leave the EU. We get businesses and politicians giving various warnings. Big businesses want to stay in so they can get cheap labour to enhance their profits. The consequences of that are threefold.

Fewer jobs for our children, more green belt disappearing for further housing, and most importantly the open borders for terrorists coming over with immigrants.

From: Neil A Ramsden, Bar House Lane, Keighley.

THE European Union is a convoy heading towards a new country. Take the next exit.

From: Gerald Hodgson, Spennithorne, Leyburn.

THE Brexit enthusiasts rail against EU “regulation”, ignoring the fact that most of it is “standardisation”, vital in the modern world for trade across national boundaries. As for the army of bureaucrats which are claimed to work in Brussels, they number about one tenth of the British civil service.

From: Andrew Suter, Station Road, Ampleforth.

AFTER David Cameron predicted World War Three, house price collapses, along with a host of doom and gloom, he extends it now to trying to frighten the elderly. It would appear now the triple lock protecting pensions will be in jeopardy. No mention of touching the £14bn overseas aid budget.

From: AK Biggin FCA, Director Bradford City Football Club Ltd, Bostocks Boyce Welch Chartered Accountants.

IN response to Michael Meadowcroft, he is quite right to point out that the accounts of the EU have been signed off (The Yorkshire Post, June 11). However he omits to mention that although signed, they were heavily qualified.

From: Brian Sheridan, Sheffield.

IT beggars belief that Robin Barker sees David Cameron’s alleged sacrifice of Britain’s sovereignty as more serious than “Neville Chamberlain’s sacrifice of Czechoslovakia to appeasement” (The Yorkshire Post, June 13).

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

ARE we going to be able to trust the outcome of the referendum? We already know that papers have been issued to people not entitled to a vote. Is the process reliably scrutinised these days?