YP Letters: We can’t support an EU that is now past its sell-by date

Will Brexit help farmers or not?
Will Brexit help farmers or not?
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From: John Hepworth, Rolston, Hornsea.

WAKE up farmers. Never has anybody written such a timely and great article as Sarah Todd (The Yorkshire Post, June 4). We farmers used to feed our country, but now 40 per cent of our food is imported.

Every year this trade imports more and much of this we used to produce economically. Disappearing dairy farmers have to try and sell milk at 8p per pint. We are in world markets fortunately as EU is almost broke with 20 per cent unemployment that we are made to pay for. Why would anybody want to support an EU that is now hopelessly past its sell-by date?

The two leading Tories have totally lost credibility by ridiculous scaremongering. My generation are to blame for 20 years of EU decline, so please can we still sing Rule Britannia and God Save Our Queen and country?

From: John Gordon, Ripon.

WHEN Nigel Farage MEP called the EU president a “wimp”, the German newspaper that I read had some difficulty in translating the word. If we leave the EU, Mr Farage will be looking for a British constituency to represent in the House of Commons and we shall be able to enjoy his vivid vocabulary.

From: FA Baxter, Branstone Grove, Ossett.

EVERY day, we are bombarded with pessimism, threats, doom and gloom from the Remain camp. In reply to all this I will borrow a phrase from John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious.”

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe, Mirfield.

I WILL vote to leave because I believe in my Queen and country. I would like to quote King George VI from Christmas Day, 1939, to those who are going to vote to staying in the EU: “I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year.

“Give me the light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way.”

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Leeds.

BY voting to remain would be a total disaster, saddled to a dysfunctional project, surrendering the last vestige of sovereignty to an unelected, undemocratic elite, hell bent on a “Super State” that even the most ardent Remainers don’t want.