YP Letters: Were Scots referendum call and Brexit motivated by hate?

Brexit and Scottish independence provide major challenges for Theresa May.
Brexit and Scottish independence provide major challenges for Theresa May.
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From: Brian H Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

THE fact that the Scottish National Party is happy to be subservient to Brussels but not to Westminster suggests that they are motivated by hatred of the English: just as English Brexiteers are motivated by hatred of all foreigners but the English-speaking countries.

From: Philip Guest, Everingham, York.

IN my view, the answer to Nicola Sturgeon’s demand for another referendum is ‘yes, but not until the UK Government has negotiated terms of withdrawal from the EU’. At this point, Scotland will be able to see which path it wishes to take.

From: Dai Woosnam, Scartho, Grimsby.

JUST 30 months ago, Scotland voted to stay part of the UK. The Scottish Nationalists, by their own admission, declared it a “once in a generation” event. And now amazingly, they want another vote. But just two years later? And they call that a “generation”?

From: Allan Davies, Grimsby.

THE disagreement about the majority in favour of Brexit can be resolved by a bit of arithmetic. Some 75 per cent or so of the electorate voted. Of those, 52 per cent said ‘leave’ and 48 per cent said ‘remain’. Thus, of the entire electorate, 52 per cent of 75 per cent – i.e. 39 per cent – said ‘leave’.

It is difficult to regard this as a substantial majority.

From: Natalie Bennett, Former Green Party leader, Sheffield.

YOUR headline “Way clear for Brexit after MPs and peers pass Bill” (The Yorkshire Post, March 14) was missing one phrase – “cleared with indecent haste”.

The Commons did not take the steps it could have to make time to seriously consider the Lords amendments – one of which would have provided more stability and security for citizens from other parts of the EU currently fearing for their future in the UK, the other of which would have ensured a substantive place for MPs in considering the outcome of negotiations.

From: Mr R Turner, Hollybank Avenue, Upper Cumberworth, Huddersfield.

OWING to the fantastic result of the Brexit referendum provided by a forward-thinking population, may we embark on another?

The subject would be HS2, the biggest, multi-million-pound vanity project of the moment.