YP Letters: Where’s the Northern Powerhouse steel?

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From: Coun Paul Andrews (Ind), Malton Ward, Ryedale District Council, Great Habton.

WE now find out what the Government means by the “Northern Powerhouse”. It means allowing a steel works to close and the end of the last deep coal mine here in the North, with all the uncertainty and unemployment which this will entail.

It also means the desolation of our beautiful countryside by permitting a grid of fracking wells which will ruin Yorkshire’s valuable tourist industry and create only a few local jobs. This kind of “Northern Powerhouse” will provide power to the affluent South at the expense of local business and local employment in the North.

It is astonishing that anybody in the North fell for this vague, but bold, election promise without requiring clarification. This Government is only interested in pleasing their friends in big business in the South.

One used to believe that the Tory party were the guardians of the countryside. Now we know they are not.