YP Letters: Which road does the UK take as it stands at crossroads?

David Cameron announces his resignation.
David Cameron announces his resignation.
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From: Nick Blitz, Wilkinsons Court, Easingwold, York.

WE must now conclude that the United Kingdom is at a crossroads: while not yet a certainty, but the Scots will surely press for a further ‘independence’ referendum ...and whither the Six Counties and Ireland?

Entirely predictably, Sinn Fein is already calling for a referendum over Northern Ireland’s constitutional future. I find it hard to believe: for the first time, I actually agree with Sinn Fein.

For those among us who chose ‘Remain’, then we have lost, whichever way we look

That ‘we’ will survive is not in doubt, but who the ‘we’ is and at what (historic) price is to be determined.

For the Brexiteers among 
us, then of course they/you
 feel delighted and exhilarated – understandably so, but reality will kick-in soon enough.

It follows that I am surprised, disappointed, depressed and concerned that we may well soon be significantly poorer. Financially and otherwise.

From: Chris Gallacher, Ukip Redcar.

THE referendum has indicated how out of touch our political parties are and how distant 
they have become from the electorate.

There will be massive fallout following this result and a new dawn will bring fresh thinking by the electorate in how they will vote in the future. The biggest loss will be felt by the Labour elite who were totally at odds with their core support and will pay a large price for this neglect.

From: Anthony Hopkins, Carlton Drive, Guiseley.

NOW the result of the referendum is known the Leave campaign must remain ever grateful to David Beckham for his huge contribution to their cause – by declaring in favour of Remain. Bang goes the Knighthood yet again.

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

THE people of Britain have voted to leave Europe.

In most areas in South Yorkshire, the ratio was two to one.

The vote was not about Europe.

It was as a result of David Cameron promising a Northern Powerhouse and his non deliverance.

From: Christine McDade, Morton on Swale, North Yorkshire.

WHEN may I apply to replace my European Passport with a British one again?