YP Letters: Who put rat in charge of NHS cheese?

The British Medical Association and junior doctors are under fire for their industrial action.
The British Medical Association and junior doctors are under fire for their industrial action.
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From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon, Shipley.

WE have the British Medical Association hell-bent on making political statements that threaten lives and we now have it confirmed that the chief executive of Southern Health, who has a record of failure in the job, had a job created for her on the same lavish terms whilst those who lost loved ones are enraged (The Yorkshire Post, September 8).

The BMA can be seen to be just another trade union resisting change which is no surprise – they will always do this in the interests of their membership and irrespective of whether this conflicts with the goal of giving better value for money and service levels.

The major worry for the taxpayer is that the management culture at the highest levels within the NHS can only be described as “the rat in charge of the cheese”.

Our glorious NHS seems to 
be run by people who are 
neither accountable or have any feeling of responsibility or shame.

There has been a continuous stream of inadequate performances being rewarded by sideways and upward promotions when those concerned should have been booted out or even prosecuted.

For anyone in any doubt as to the merits and purpose of Jeremy Hunt, they need to ask themselves who else would have the guts to address these major issues that the NHS executive continually proves inept at addressing!

Inspector not fit for purpose

From: Colin Allan, Wrangbrook Close, Howden, Goole.

RECENTLY, I was astounded to learn that the planning inspector who rejected the Leeds trolleybus proposals hadn’t even bothered to visit one European town or city that operates efficient, successful and popular trolleybus systems.

This information became available thanks to a Parliamentary question asked by Lord Stoddart of Swindon. Consequently, I consider the inspector’s astonishing oversight in making negative conclusions totally lacking in merit.

Beryl led way with no help

From: K Armitage, Browning Close, Colne.

DURING the 1960s, the late Beryl Burton dominated women’s cycling, winning several World and British championships. She also set a world record.

All funded at her own expense. How would Beryl fit in with today’s cyclists who also have managers, coaches, sponsors and the latest lightweight bikes?

Bored by the Country Bus

From: Stanley Bootham, West Lane, Embsay, Skipton.

I MUST disagree with your correspondent Ian Stallworthy with regard to the programme about the Country Bus.

We found it the most boring of TV programmes, I thought silent films were a thing of the past. Constant views of green fields, white bushes and the drivers tattoos did nothing to tell the story of the Dales. The final descent to Ribblehead, with no story of why the viaduct was built and no sign of a train, did nothing to encourage visits to the Dales.

Where has all money gone?

From: JR Goodman, Grove Close, Beverley.

AT the present time the expected total spend on flood prevention is in the region of £1.5bn and what do we have? An inadequate tidal surge barrier around the Humber, a Humbercare System that fails in its objective to stop the discharge into the Humber, an increasingly inefficient river Hull catchment drainage system and a number of expensive potentially disease holding lagoons, a very different picture to that story as presented by the various authorities.

Stop worrying about words

From: David Reed, Huddersfield.

TO use that overworked phrase, correspondent Mr V Platt should “get a life” rather than worrying about the changing meaning of words. “Guys” is a useful way to attract the attention of a mixed sex group of youngish people.

What does he suggest? “Ladies and gentlemen”? Similarly what on earth is wrong with “train station”, which describes a place to catch trains rather than the rails they run on. After all, we don’t talk about road stations rather than bus stations.

Corbyn’s off the rails...

From: Mr Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

THE recent story relating to Jeremy Corbyn’s train journey “up North” and his apparent inability to find a spare seat is yet another chapter in the appalling behaviour of the current Labour leader. My wife and I were on that very train, heading for Edinburgh, and we can confirm there were several empty and unreserved seats. JC’s

allegations were utterly unacceptable and desperate from someone aiming to become our next PM.